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Date(s) 9/25/2021 - 9/28/2021
Bidding Notice: This is an Auction By Others. Descriptions and load out are being handled by Chris, rather than BidCal. Please contact Chris at (530) 774-5143 with questions regarding this auction. BidCal, Inc. assumes no responsibility in the accuracy of the descriptions.
Auction Notice: Welcome to the 2021 Bidcal/Magnolia Fall Auction! A few things to keep in mind- Please come to the nursery to check out all of the lots. Many plants have been here all summer and have an end of summer look with dry leaf tips or maybe dead branches- you may have noticed in your yard that its been a rough summer on plants and it applies here too. I promise I would not be selling anything that I thought it was trash- and I will mention it in the description if it has issues. Be sure if you do buy plants- Every plant in the auction is watered everyday, twice during the heat, and you will have to continue that until it gets much cooler in the late fall. To make up for we have put some very hard-to-give-up pieces in here, I promise. Secondly, we do have a large construction project going on around the nursery and we do not have adequate space to turn a trailer around. If you do get a lot of stuff and you have to have a trailer please call or text Chris at 530 774-5143 to make arrangements- and texts are preferred to that number for any questions you may have on the merchandise. Once again we are not going out of business, we love to use the Bidcal auctions to speed up turn over slow moving items, and also just to make room for new stuff. It's a lotta of fun for us at nursery and it seems like the Winners enjoy it too- Happy Bidding!
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